Aja would often show up at one of Uncle Jim's gigs. With a little prodding (very little) she would jump up on stage and sing her heart out. One day Uncle Jim asked Aja if she would consider singing with him at a gig sometime, not just one or two songs but the whole night. She said, "Sure".
Yes, she's difficult like that.

Aja O'Neil has performed in a number of local plays and has sung at a few public events but not since the 50's (ok that's not quite right but Aja is very busy and won't give me a proper bio). So until Aja moves on to bigger and better younger, whatever, you can catch Aja and Jim performing as Aja at any place that will have us.

Jim O'Neil is currently in a number of other bands / situations. A dedicated site: Where is Jimbob? has been set up so his wife, family & friends could locate him on any given night or possibly know which bar to avoid. He may soon be joining another band: The Fossils. It may prove to be his last brilliant idea. Why is he so often out at night? Jim's dayjob requires sitting in a chair for countless hours writing software.

We have recently added musicians to the mix.

Greg Goulette joins us when he can. He's been playing bass since the 80's. Early 80's. Really early.

John Kumnick has been kind enough to fill in on bass when Greg can't make it. John has played bass for David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper...seriously. He's pretty good.

Jon Swanson has also joined us as percussionist / drummer. So far our gigs have only allowed him to play the cajon but we look forward to the day we can rock out with Jon on a full drum kit! He was solid at auditions and he's been so very patient.